Humanitas San Pio X is equipped with a birthpoint constituted by the Operational Units of obstetrics and gynaecology and neonatology. There is an h24 obstetric reception for pregnant women and from the 35th week there is access to pre-hospitalization where the examinations are completed and medical records are prepared. Women who intend to give birth in our structure must contact the medical staff of obstetrics and gynaecology from the 35th/36th week for the clinical evaluation of the progress of pregnancy.

The booking of the outpatient visit can be done personally, going to the dedicated counters, online on the website or by calling the number


Department of Obstetrics 02.6951.7421h24
Private individuals reservations 02.6951.7000h24
SSN reservation 02.6951.6000from Monday to Friday 9.00-16.00

From pregnancy to childbirth, to the first days together

Antenatal classes

Our antenatal classes are active to help future mothers to live the birth serenely, with awareness and trust, listening and comparing other mothers experiences. It is also useful to prepare the couple to face the delicate moment of childbirth in the best possible way. To attend the course, it is necessary to pay the health ticket.

The meetings are held at humanitas San Pio X, in Via Francesco Nava, 31, Milan.

The classes last two months:

  • 11 meetings, 10 prepared and 1 post partum, in small groups
  • theoretical and practical approach, with guided exercise
  • enrolment from the 20th week, starting at the 28th and 32th
  • participation open to the partner or a family member.


The theoretical-practical meetings planned with the obstetrician, gynecologist, psychologist, anesthesiologist and neonatologist are organized according to the updated calendar.


For information and reservations, please call at 02 69 511, from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 16:00.



To help mum and dad to get ready for the most beautiful day, Humanitas San Pio X nursery created MamaBook, a travel guide with information and advice derived from the experience of specialists (obstetricians, gynaecologists, neonatologists, anaesthetists, nutritionists and psychologists).

The Mama book not only indicates what and how to eat in pregnancy and during breastfeeding, but also offers illustrations on the positions that help relieve the pain of labor, the list of things to put in the suitcase for mother and baby, when to go to the hospital, how the delivery takes place and what the father can do to help his partner from the delivery room to the return home, tips and tricks for breastfeeding and return to work, directions to recognize and manage the “baby blues”, the the depression after childbirth.

There are more than 40 boards with the advice of specialists to face with serenity pregnancy, childbirth and return home. Each stage is described and explained by specialists, written in a simple language and embellished by the illustrations of Nina Cuneo.

MamaBook is given to all the mothers who attend our antenatal classes.

For all future mothers it is on sale at the Acceptance of Private Hospitals and Surgery on the ground floor of the hospital (25 €). It is the perfect gift for future parents. Moreover, with the purchase you support the project of neonatal plagiocephaly prevention.


Assistance to childbirth

The team of the Operations Unit of obstetrics and gynaecology is able to provide future mothers with obstetric assistance “one to”, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in total respect of the physiology of labor. From the 40th completed week, the obstetric clinic of the term pregnancy is active.

An anesthesiologist dedicated to the delivery room guarantees 24 hours a day birth-analgesia to patients who request it. The anesthesia examination is carried out during the obstetric evaluation of the 36th/37th week or after the request of the pregnant woman, in labor, if it had not already been carried out.

In case of need, the pregnant woman can contact the birthpoint on 02.6951.7421 available 24 hours a day, or access directly to the obstetrics and gynaecology department (IV° floor), where she will be welcomed and visited immediately.

It is allowed to carry out, according to the regional regulations in force, the collection of cord blood at delivery for autologous use. In addition, immediate contact with“skin to skin is encouraged” between mother and infant and early attachment to the breast both after natural delivery and after caesarean section.

Assistance to the newborn

The planned hospitalization for newborns due to spontaneous delivery is 2-3 days, while after caesarean section it is 3-4 days. Daily checks on the well-being of infants and new mothers are carried out during the stay, both with laboratory tests and clinical evaluations.

The Nursery is open and allows free entry to mums and dads for information about the baby’s diet, hygiene and care.


Double room with air conditioning, bathroom, changing table and television. The father has the possibility to stay with the new mother until 20.00. Parents have access for a visit from 17.00 to 19.00.
Private persons
Single air-conditioned room with a bed for the partner, changing table, television, bathroom with shower. Parents always have free access until 20.00.

Back home 

The discharge is scheduled for 48 hours after the natural birth and 72 hours after the caesarean section and usually takes place during the morning hours of the planned day of discharge. The new mother is examined for outpatient post-partum control after 4-6 weeks;in case of caesarean section, the control, when the points are also removed, happens after about 7 days.

All newborns shall be subjected to:

  • extended neonatal metabolic screening
  • determination of bilirubin by transcutaneous route
  • evaluation of hearing function by otoemissions
  • monitoring of arterial saturation and heart rate
  • evidence of red reflection.

In addition, at the time of discharge, the parents are given a report containing the main clinical data, any findings made during the stay, recommended nutrition claims, suggested and necessary outpatient appointments, for which day and time is already fixed.

All infants are guaranteed 2 outpatient neonatal clinical examinations, the execution of an ECG between 25° and 40°day of life and, if necessary, of the ultrasound of the pelvis between 2° and 3°month as screening for congenital hip dysplasia.

For any doubt or clarification, parents can always contact the Nest on 02.6951.6427 or by e-mail at the address.

Paediatric blood samples 

Samples with paediatric nurses for children from 0 to 10 years at the nursery
Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 11:00