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HealthPro is the advanced check-up program dedicated to companies and professionals, created by Humanitas San Pio X to offer prevention and control with bespoke solutions and exclusive benefits

Health in the company, healthy company

There are choices that change the course of things.

They are innovative choices, decisions that look to the future and that is why they are able to improve the present in a concrete way. The choice of Humanitas San Pio X as HealthPartner contributes to the efficiency of the company and the quality of life of its professionals.

Being better, working better

The interest in health is one of the major international trends and is therefore pursued with increasing commitment by companies of all sizes and multinationals. A choice that has proved successful and that is continuing to provide important results.

By choosing HealthPro from Humanitas San Pio X, the company is committed to the well-being of its employees through a concrete gesture and promotes a new shared philosophy aimed at improving the working environment.

The importance of check up

Carrying out checks during the year, in a constant and programmed way, allows you to avoid any problems and above all allows you to intervene on time, if necessary. The check up in Humanitas San Pio X results in a complete and well organized diagnostic process in which professionalism, efficiency and competence are perfectly coordinated.

As explained by doctor Alessandra Piona, Path Manager, “the check up is a real preventive medicine that provides patients, even asymptomatic, a comprehensive evaluation through a multidisciplinary approach that allows early diagnosis of a disease that is still possible to be silent”.
“The advice that will emerge from the medical history at the end of the course will help to improve the general state of health and prevent the onset of pathologies” added doctor Alessandra Piona.

Objective wellness

HealthPro is much more than a check up: it is a 360 degree wellness choice that includes drafting a food plan and advice on the most suitable physical activity. A first important step, studied on a scientific basis focused on both male and female health, to improve overall the lifestyle of the person and therefore his psychophysical well-being.

Why you should choose HealthPro

The HealthPro checkup program of Humanitas San Pio X takes advantage of the professionalism of medical specialists of the hospital that guarantee a complete assistance with an integrated and multidisciplinary approach. The check-up is led by a medical tutor, responsible for the patient’s path, who intervenes from the beginning with a first visit in which the tutor defines the personalized program of insights, and does a summary interview (check-out) at the end.

HealthPro also guarantees maximum rationalization of the stay and waiting time, dedicated reception with a person of the staff who follows the patient during all stages of the journey, ease of access and speed in returning results.

The HelathPro routes: Gold Check Up and Platinum Check Up

In Humanitas San Pio X we know that every company has different needs. For this reason, we have developed two different check-up programs: two complete proposals, which can be customised to varying degrees.

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